Receive more work leads by learning how to Greet Clients

First impressions can mean a lot when converting a potential client into a customer. First impression means what another person thinks of you when they first look at you and talk to you. There are a number of key points to ensure we create a positive first impression:

Grooming – Looking neat and tidy and meeting, or better still, exceeding uniform expectations is imperative.

Body Language – Be aware of approaching customers, look them in the eye, stand tall and smile.

Greeting – Warm welcome, make eye contact, utilise phrases such as “good morning sir, how may I help you?” If we are busy acknowledge the customer, make eye contact and use phrases such as “I will be with you in a moment.”

Engaging Customers – Show interest in our customers, repeat their requests to them and ask questions such as “how is your day going today?”


First impressions and confidence Typical things to look for in confident people include:

Posture – standing tall with shoulders back.

Eye contact – solid with a ‘smiling’ face.

Gestures with hands and arms – purposeful and deliberate.

Speech – slow and clear.

Tone of voice – moderate to low.


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